People often say, ‘How much will the video cost?’ I say ,”What do you want the video to do for you?. What do you want from the video. clients, social media following… The answers are subjective to each client that is  why one quote/job can differ greatly to another.  A great video uploaded at the wrong time of day or to the wrong market group is a waste of your money.

I am here to help with that for your company. I get the job done to 100% I will network research and get the result you need no matter what.

So yes…I am a creator that’s ready to make your project come to life! whether in the air or on the ground. I can shoot video interviews, events, ad lib or planned. Its up to you. I want to work with you and developing an ongoing business relationship is far more important to me than just the money. I here to be a tool for your ideas no matter what to come to life. I also shoot the News and my footage has been viewed on many television channels.

I am today turning my passion for high quality innovative  videography into a successful business.  It’s been a very successful start, please look at my portfolio so far here.

My approach with each client is to LISTEN. I know that if we’re going to work together that thoughtful communication and good planning are the key to all successful projects.

Feel free to contact me to see if I’m the right fit for your project.